24 de abril de 2011

5 minutes into a baby´s life

Already 29 years of age with so many experiences I would like to repeat, others I would like to forget. 

Days are so changing, very sudden to stay neutral to them really.

I never thought that a simple way out to dinner almost without hunger, just as an excuse for distracting my thoughts; gives me once again a perspective which, although I also lived at some point, in this moment is wandering deeply into my subconscious.

Here I am seat in front of a baby at his two years at most since he was born.

His gaze lost in some manner, by their lack of understanding of many things that surrounds him. But, without doubt in his look, he knows that mama was right there, in front of him, giving the peace and safety he always felt since her womb. 

With mom, his starting to know the feeling of belonging; the laughing, seeing her doing it faces at him.

He knows that there are other people around, but strangers, so he cannot help staring and makes his brain and their entire system matures and recycle information.

 Among those people was me.

By giving those few seconds of his time, he allowed me to remember how quiet and interesting should be that chapter for all of us.

 A world where good and evil has no apparent definition, only learning. Feelings at its purest form. Helpless and at the same time independent.  I think that is precisely what brings us the compassion and sense of protection when we see them.

It´s just something so real, by no means fictional, where what you see is what it is. You cannot do other than Marvel and realizing that wherever you are in your life, at a time you were him. 

I wish we all grown-ups have the ability to return to that state of simplicity, where everything you tell and see is what really means. 

Places where deception has no room and there is no punishment or shame to explore and reveal the purest thing we all have…our innocence.

José Laurencio.

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