7 de mayo de 2011

A memory in the distance

Thinking of you,
Needing you,
Missing you,
And you know it very well.

You gave me days and experiences difficult to forget or erase
Perhaps deliberately,
With the sole intention of staying always present.
Selfish your decision to come to me,
Giving light to my dark and then leave without a trace.

Using me,
Giving me peace,
Letting the agony.

If only you had not left this chapter without closing,
This open wound not yet healed,
Things would have been much easier for me,
Because what is now a bittersweet,
On the contrary had been the drink of an eternal memory.

I let it go,
Seeing in the distance,
Taking care of.

The distance is now our partner.
Despite not having you around,
I have the satisfaction of knowing that,
At some point in our lives,
I fulfill my dream, and that was to make you mine.

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  1. It's really wonderful. I really liked it. The way you write it's awesome, it's mesmerizing. Congrats my friend, lots of blessings.

  2. Thanks so much for your visit and give me your opinion about it, you are most welcome to my Blog.


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