16 de mayo de 2011

More than a prayer

Where are you?
Tell me what to do!
Because I do feel lost.  

In you I placed so many times my confidence, even knowing that I couldn´t see you.
Since the reason came to me, I learned to love and respect you.
As Ethereal, you generate affection and create fears, although you calm mine.
You are my guide in labyrinths without exit, and my light on dark roads.
Why? Being so named, sometimes I feel you so far away from us.
Are you only a belief?  

I’m consumed by impotence when I see what is happening in our world.
Technological progress, fortune and holdings are growing only to lead us to a safe gap.
Nations are fighting for freedom, using blood and tears as emblems.
Being a single race, the human, we are more divided than ever.
Bourgeoisie, poor’s, creeds… We are not still flesh and blood? Despite everything that surrounds us.  

We are really particular beings.
Despite the time and so many studies and theories, we don't even know our origin.
We wander without a date of birth into the world and I think that’s what makes us weak.
 Many defended their theories, but whatever is, anyone can proclaim it as truth.
In these circumstances, I prefer to believe in something that gives me peace, peace of mind.
 If there’s not a certainty, then I have to find my own. 
The truth is, I came to this world knowing you.
You're a synonym for joy, although many have committed atrocities in your name.
You bring regret to people, and that makes you infinite on your own.

You represent roads and create universal alliances.
Despite having so many faces, 
so many ways,
I think you have a single name,
and are called faith.

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